Beautiful Art Deco Floor Lamp made from new and old parts. The torchiere shade is from the 1920's & in excellent condition. It is flashed painted in a soft beige color with raised flowers & leaves in clear glass & has a scalloped rim. The shade is 16" in diameter, over 5" deep and is approx. 5/8" thick. It sits in a new solid brass shade holder. The socket is an old mogul porcelain Leviton turn-key, but the electrical cord is new. The column is made from old reed brass tubing & beautiful old marble breaks with veins of brown, green & beige running through it. The brass has been polished to its original natural luster. The base is new, 14" diameter, 3 1/2" high, cast brass made in Italy.  The overall height from the floor to the top of the shade is approx 64 inches. 

Price: $475.00

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